Adding files outside of Google Drive

Neatly allows you to upload or link to files and web pages found outside of your Google Drive account (in addition to uploading your Google Drive files).

add a file

Upload files from your computer


Link to a file or web page

Types of non-Google files you can add

You can add to Neatly any file or page that’s available on the web or stored on your computer. Neatly will treat the uploaded or linked file the same as it does with Google Drive files.

Other cloud storage platforms

You can link to any file saved on the web or in cloud storage platforms like Dropbox, Box, Airtable, AWS, Creative Cloud, WordPress, Quip or any other platform with shareable file links.

Web pages

If it’s on the web, you can store the link in Neatly. This include web pages, images, files, etc. You can even include links to social media mentions of your brand, press coverage and anything else you’d like to save for your team.

Local files

Neatly allows you to upload local files stored on your computer directly to a section as well as file group. Any file uploaded will be saved to Google Drive and have it’s shareable link stored in Neatly.

How to add files

You can further organize files within a category by using sections. Each category can have many sections.

Add links to files

Adding file or web links requires nothing more than pasting a url. Find or create your category and section (and file group if necessary) and click to add a file.

Once a link is added, you will need to edit the file name (default is “Untitled”) and add an optional description (highly recommended to do so).

Upload files

To upload a file, click to add a file followed by the “upload file” link.

Then choose the local file from your computer to add and click save.

The file will then be saved in Google Drive and visible in Neatly.